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Andrew at the summit of Grotto Mountain, Alberta, Canada

Andrew Cowie
Consulting Engineer & Managing Partner
rmc, BEng. MACS, MCASI

The lead of our manage­ment consulting practice is Andrew Cowie. He works primarily on projects involv­ing operations planning, crisis manage­ment, and leadership develop­ment. On the technical side, Andrew is a long-time Linux engineer and Open Source advocate, with experience running large Java projects, developing server-side code in Haskell, and as a contributor to the GNOME desktop.

head shot of Paul Drain

Paul Drain
Security Consultant

Not only is he an accomp­lished computer security expert, Paul Drain is also possessed of acute business acumen. Able to harden infrastructure, perform vulnerability testing, and develop custom solutions, Paul is also well known as an Open Source hacker extraordinaire. Most importantly, Paul has an uncanny ability to resolve implementation problems across a wide range of platforms.


photo of Richard Dice

Richard Dice
Management Consultant

Richard Dice is a talented developer with a flair for being able to explain difficult technical concepts in easy to understand terms, translating business process ideas into reality. Richard has long experience in Open Source and is a past president of the Perl Foundation. He is currently concentrating in the financial sector.

head shot of Peter Miller

Peter Miller
Senior Software Engineer

The late Peter Miller was a software developer with over 30 years on embedded systems. He had experience on a variety of platforms and was renowned for his focus on effective software testing practises. He was one of the the original authors of the now universally used gettext international­ization infra­structure. One of his lst contributions was writing a library to better "explain" error messages coming from the Linux kernel's various system calls. Peter passed away in 2014 after a long and courageous battle with cancer.

headshot of Mark McCullins

Mark McCullins
Aviation Consultant & Test Pilot
CD, rmc, BEng, AGdM, PEXA

Mark McCullins has wide experience with planning and co-ordinating large multi­national operations. He specializes in teaching leadership and lectures for us on operations professionalism. Mark is an engineering test pilot with vast experience integrating new technologies into existing systems.

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